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RGIP bond portfolio wins RISE, GAME competitions

RGIP trading roomStetson’s Roland George Investments Program (RGIP) bond portfolio, yielding 11.7 percent for 2012, has won two national competitions: the RISE competition hosted by University of Dayton, and the GAME competition hosted by Quinnipiac University.

Stetson students and the RGIP have placed first in the GAME competition every year since it started three years ago. In the RISE competition, Stetson has placed first in 10 of the 13 years the competition has been around. Stetson took second place the other three years. More than 100 universities participate in each of the two competitions. (Photo: K.C. Ma, standing at right, assists students in the Roland George trading room at Stetson University.)

“George students know that they represent a proud 33-year tradition and a life-long exclusive club, because of the long consistent winning record,” said K.C. Ma, professor of finance, Roland George Chair of Applied Investments, and director of the Sarah George Investments Institute.

In each year’s competitions, the winner is determined solely on the audited, actual portfolio performances on real money investments for the previous year.  The RGIP portfolios began in 1980 with $500,000 and now value at over $2.9 million. Although it was not a winner in 2012, the RGIP stock portfolio was up 12 percent.

“Managing the $3 million Roland George portfolios helps jump start students’ careers by at least five years, because our money is as real as others,” said Ma.

More information on the RGIP can be found on its website and in this article on Stetson Today.