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Human Resources Moves to Historic Allen House

The Allen House, built in 1880, and the former home to Stetson’s Public Relations and Communications Office, has recently been renovated and is now the new home of Human Resources and the Budget Office.

If you’re looking for Stetson University Human Resources you will now have to look west across the Boulevard in the Allen House. The building formerly occupied by Public Relations and Communications has undergone an extensive renovation and is now home to Human Resources and the Budget Office.

“HR is very excited and happy to be settling into the historic Allen House,” said Associate Vice President for Human Resources Shelia Daniels. “We’re delighted to be making it our new “home.” It offers us a warm and welcoming setting for greeting our visitors and job applicants, introducing new hires to the Stetson University family, and for hosting our existing employees regarding benefits and other services.” Visit the HR website to see a list of job opportunities.

“There are several integrated reasons that Human Resources and the Budget Office relocated to the oldest building on campus that had been vacant for a few years,” said Vice President for Business and Chief Financial Officer Bob Huth. “It was the best solution identified to satisfy several strategic needs and is the first step in several future transitions.”

These moves will accomplish several University goals as well as increasing the synergy among the Budget and HR Offices. The relocation to Griffith Hall of the entire Bursar’s Office and Terri Richards in her new role as Enrollment Specialist for Strategic Populations is the result of a recommendation of the Strategic Enrollment Management Workgroup to create a “one-stop” location. The “one-stop” will improve the enrollment services (bursar, financial aid, and related registration advice) for students to help increase student satisfaction and retention. In addition, the moves provide space for the transfer of the payroll function from HR to Finance as Payroll undertakes payroll processing for all campuses, thereby reducing total university costs. As part of the overall transition, the Admission’s Operations will relocate to the previous HR space until a new Welcome Center is built in the next three to five years.

Around 1880, the Allen House was built as the residence of James F. Allen, a local businessman. Allen and his wife Calista raised four children in the home, and Calista lived there until her death in 1941. Stetson University acquired the building in 1950 and made it the Alumni headquarters. It was renovated in 1965 when the end porch of the building (originally the kitchen’s spacious pantry) was removed. Over the years, the Allen House has served as the location of several Stetson University offices including Development and Public Relations, in addition to Alumni. Most recently, the University Marketing office was located in the Allen House until that office moved into its current location on Michigan Avenue in 2010.