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Celebrate Stetson’s Values Tuesday, Sept. 25!

See you at Values Day, Tuesday, Sept. 25!

Stetson will celebrate Values Day on the DeLand Campus on Tuesday, September 25. It’s a day dedicated to the university’s commitment to Personal Growth, Intellectual Development and Global Citizenship as our fundamental core values.

One of the university’s strategic goals is to Increase Awareness and Understanding of Stetson’s Core Values. Our Strategic Map’s foundation rests on Deepening the Way We Live Our Core Values. Values Day is designed to continue dialogue between students, faculty and staff, so that we share, learn and appreciate Stetson’s core values. In order to support the ability for our entire Stetson community to attend, the university is canceling classes and closing offices, starting at 9 a.m. We encourage all departments to make arrangements to use voice mail and post appropriate signage to enable the closing and attendance for the day’s events.

Because Values Day is also National Voter Registration Day, voter registration will be occurring throughout the day. By using Stetson’s new TurboVote website at www.stetson.turbovote.org, Stetson students will be able to complete their voter registration forms, request an absentee ballot, and sign-up to receive text and email updates about elections. There will also be a TurboVote table in front of the CUB for the entire day to help students get registered.

As a special note, the Community Lunch in the Commons is an optional non-mandatory part of the day, but all students, faculty and staff are welcome!

Values Day guest speakers include:

Jessica Jackley, co-founder of Kiva.org, whose keynote address is: “Love, Money and Work: Social Entrepreneurship as a Career.” Jackley will share the inspirational path that led her, just after graduation, to create Kiva, which has revolutionized a worldwide micro-lending movement.

Rev. Dr. Sarah Lund will speak on Personal Growth: “Transforming Religious Conflicts Into Interfaith Pathways to Peace.”

Andy Brantley will speak on Global Citizenship: “A Call to Action: A More Diverse, Inclusive Campus Creates Institutional Excellence.”

Dr. Debra Nixon will speak on Intellectual Development: “Genuine Knowledge: From Reading and Talking To Being and Doing.”

Check out the full schedule for Values Day 2012. We look forward to seeing you there and sharing the day with everyone!