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Values Conversations yield results

The circular representation of Stetson's revised Values depicts the interrelatedness and interdependence of all of Stetson's values commitments.

After a comprehensive, university-wide review, Stetson University’s updated core values were announced this week in a Values Research Project report.

The Values Conversations that spanned 2011-2012 were co-facilitated by Associate Professor of History and American Studies Emily Mieras and Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Chris Kandus. Mieras and Kandus submitted the report, which was approved by the Board of Trustees.

The revised and renewed values statement is organized around three core values: Personal Growth, Intellectual Development and Global Citizenship. The system formed by these three core values places Personal and Social Responsibility at its center. The three core values are surrounded by more specific values of: Academic Excellence, Exploration, Inquiry, Creativity, Integrity, Professionalism, Community Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion, Environmental Responsibility, Social Justice, Intercultural Competence, Self Awareness, Religious and Spiritual Life and Wellness.

President Wendy Libby thanked Mieras and Kandus for the hard work they undertook in leading the Values Conversations and authoring the final report.

She also reported that Dr. Bob Sitler, professor of Modern Languages and Literature, has agreed to serve in the role of Values Commitment leader. Co-chairs of the three core values will be named soon. She asks for everyone’s support, encouragement and enthusiasm as this group steers the Stetson community through the early years of operating under the new model.

“Every one of you has something important to contribute,” President Libby said in her letter. “I hope many of you will have the interest and opportunity to work on the various task forces that will come from these recommendations.”

President Libby’s letter and the full report about the updated core values are available at www.stetson.edu/values.