Significance is not a buzzword. It is an ideal, and the journey to attaining it is lifelong. From play time to school time to work time to your time and beyond, Stetson University Professional and Corporate Education has programs available to engage your mind and body, help you learn new skills and keep moving forward as you seek significance.

Career Support

Steer your career in new and exciting directions, learn cutting edge and marketable skills, and extend your knowledge of the world.


Center at Celebration

We offer a wide degree of master's programs, along with courses in professional development and information technology.


Graduate Programs

Stetson's graduate programs are designed to connect professional ability with critical soft skills; the foundation for effective leadership and career success.


Summer at Stetson

Enrich. Improve. Enhance. Refine. Supplement. Develop. Cultivate. That’s what summers are like at Stetson University.


Event Booking

Let us plan your next corporate event. Contact us today.

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Programs and Certs

Stetson offers a wide variety of academic programs and certifications.

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Programs are offered in DeLand, Celebration and at corporate sites.

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Upcoming Events

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