CUB Renovation – Possible Interruption to Fax Lines due to Phone Work    

When the Carlton Union Building was built in 1957, it was the telecommunications hub for all of Stetson and the surrounding DeLand community. Thousands of telephone lines go in and out of the building in every direction to serve the surrounding buildings. Incidentally, all of those phone lines were in the way of the CUB renovation plans and AT&T was called in to put a plan in place to install new phone lines.

AT&T is currently completing the changeover to new phone lines, which has resulted in issues with some fax lines.  If you experience issues with your fax lines, please let IT know immediately, so we can notify AT&T. Note that no desk phones are impacted as this is a separate digital service. This work only affects fax lines, fire alarms, elevator lines, and blue light phones.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact IT at or 386-822-7217.

–Office of Information Technology

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