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Proposing a Writing-Enhanced Course

"Writing enhanced" and "writing intensive" refer to a pedagogy designed to heighten learning and professional communication by using writing assignments in a variety of lengths, sequences and types. The pedagogy facilitates any course in which writing is an essential method of facilitating mastery of content, or in which students learn professional and/or disciplinary conventions and procedures.

The W.E. designation may be applied for in regard to an existing course or as part of a new course proposal. Writing enhanced courses are considered to support and reinforce the general education curriculum, but they are not necessarily themselves general education courses carrying specific designations (e.g., H, S, W, etc.). Because writing is a University learning outcome, all writing enhanced courses are ultimately approved by the University General Education Committee.

When considering a course for W.E. enhancement, faculty and programs should be sure to include discussion of the alignment between the level of the course and the skills students are expected to learn. For example, W.E. proposals for First Year Seminar courses should use language appropriate to this introductory course; W.E. proposals for Junior Seminar courses should reflect expectations that are appropriate for junior level; W.E. proposals for senior capstone proposal courses should indicate mastery-level learning goals and pedagogy appropriate to those goals. 

Submitting a Proposal

A proposed writing enhanced course--including new F.S.E.M. and J.S.E.M. courses--will follow these processes for approval:

Note: Writing enhanced courses will be reviewed regularly and after a period of time may undergo re-certification as needed.

Examples of Proposals

PSYC 203 Great Experiments in Psychology

AFST 235A Intro to African American Film

BADM 205 Professional Communication

HIST 105H Modern World Civilizations