Portfolio Placement Information

Your writing portfolios will be used to decide proper placement in a writing- or writing-intensive course if you're bringing in credit for ENGL 101 (e.g., AP scores, IB scores or transfer credits from dual enrollment or other college experience). If you expect to bring in credit for ENGL 101, you must submit a portfolio for placement; this requirement includes students transferring to Stetson University with an associate's degree. If you've done substantial college-level work already, even if that work hasn't included a writing or English course, you may also submit a portfolio for placement.

What to Include in Your Writing Portfolio

Your writing portfolio should include:

  • A self-aware and self-analytical letter of introduction to the portfolio (minimum 500 words). As part of this letter, you must define both the intellectual limitations and strengths of the writing samples in the portfolio, as well as the specific drafting and revision methods employed in their production.
  • Two or three examples of your best writing, up to a total of 15 pages. These pages should include a complete analytical and/or argumentative essay. The examples can be drawn from any course—they need not be from an English or writing course. For the purposes of this portfolio, a "page" is interpreted to mean 250-275 words.
    • Essays that you've worked on in previous courses are perfect for this purpose. We ask for multiple examples because, as a multifaceted writer, your strengths and weaknesses may vary depending on the assignment. We get a much more accurate picture of your abilities when we see multiple examples of your abilities. You should include copies of the original assignment prompts if available.
    • You may also choose to include a short piece of writing that demonstrates creativity or imagination. Although the weight of the evaluation of the portfolio will be primarily on the demonstration of critical and analytical abilities, we recognize the value of creative work and invite you to include it.
  • A signed cover sheet that will act as a certification of originality. On this form, you assert that the work contained in your writing portfolio is indeed your own work and that no one has written it but you. The university's Honor System specifically states that students must do their own work and only their own work, and all new incoming students are required to subscribe to the Honor Pledge upon entrance to the university.

Preparing Your Writing Portfolio

  • We ask that names, identifying marks, teacher marks and teacher comments be removed from all pages of your writing portfolio. Your student ID number should appear on each page of each piece of writing.
  • Your writing portfolio should be submitted electronically (in PDF, DOC or DOCX format) to writingprogram@stetson.edu.

Submitting Your Writing Portfolio

Your writing portfolio should be submitted electronically (in PDF, DOC or DOCX format) to writingprogram@stetson.edu.

It may be submitted as early as the date you're admitted to the university, and must be submitted at least one semester before you expect to take the writing requirement, so that we have adequate time to review it.

Once we have read your writing portfolio, you'll be placed in a writing course that will, once completed, fulfill your writing requirement; this will either by ENGL 109 - Stetson Writing Workshop or another approved writing-intensive course. Your placement will be recorded on your degree audit; once it's been recorded, you should work with your advisor to enroll in a suitable course.

Writing Courses Offered by the English Department

This list includes only the writing courses offered by the Department of English. Writing-intensive courses are offered throughout the university.

  • ENGL 100 - College Writing
  • ENGL 101 - Writing and Rhetoric
  • ENGL 109 - Writing Workshop
  • ENGL 201 - Intermediate Writing

Course descriptions can be found in the University Catalog on pages 121-122.