Before you're allowed to use WebGarage, you'll need to be trained in how to use it. There are two options for training:

  1. Attend a training session (see below).
  2. Get trained by someone who's already been trained and who's willing to show you how to use it.

Training Sessions

All users require training in using WebGarage before they'll be allowed to use it. Though we allow training to be conducted by someone in your department, we prefer that you schedule a training session, as in addition to training in how to use WebGarage, you'll also receive an overview of how to prepare great web content and have the opportunity to receive in-depth answers to your questions.

WebGarage training sessions are offered on an as-needed basis. To request training, complete and submit the WebGarage Training Request form, please specify

  • The level of training you are requesting (Level 1 - Beginner, Level 2 - Intermediate, Level 3 - Advanced)
  • The website(s) you'll need be managing
  • Your overall goal of the training