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Outdoor Classrooms at the Gillespie Museum

The Gillespie Museum is Stetson University's earth science museum. Its collection of 15,000 mineral, rock and fossil specimens—one of the oldest and largest in the southeastern United States—has developed over the past 50 years into a center for STEM education. Thousands of young scientists visit the museum each year for programs in geology, Florida ecology and environmental studies. The adjacent Rinker Environmental Learning Center provides opportunities for community gardening, native plant restoration projects and other outdoor activities.

Important information:

  • Ages: 10 to 14 years old
  • Dates:
    • June 9-13 (closed)
    • June 23-27 (space still available)
  • Time: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Cost: $45 per day or $200 for the full week
  • Location: DeLand campus - Gillespie Museum
  • Contact: Boundless Learning at 386-822-7369

Each course is limited to 20 students per day.


Florida's Fascinating Flora

  • Cindy Bennington, Ph.D., Department of Biology
  • Date: Mon., June 9 or Mon., June 23

For student biologists and naturalists, this workshop offers an investigation of the incredible diversity of Florida's plants through the study of plant growth and reproduction and the intricate web of life (from bees to bats to bears) that plants support. Through field study in the museum's native landscapes as well as lab experiments, students will learn about healthy ecosystems and how to keep them that way.

The Story of Sand

The Story of Sand

  • Karen Cole, Ph.D., director, Gillespie Museum
  • Date: Tues., June 10 or Tues., June 24

Students in this workshop, earth scientists and rockhounds alike, will investigate Florida's geology through documentary film, field study and lab experiments. From its rock and mineral displays to the sand hill upon which it sits, the Gillespie Museum will provide an interactive textbook for learning about how our sandy peninsula was formed.

Sound + Light

  • Grady Ballenger, Ph.D., Department of English
  • Date: Wed., June 11 or Wed., June 25

A workshop for students who wish to strengthen their skills in scientific and creative writing or who like to take photographs and think about images of nature. Together students will create a photo-journalistic webpage for the museum, selecting from the day's writing and images of its collections and exhibits, native landscaping, and sandhill pine ecosystem.

Chemistry of the Natural World

  • Harry Price, Ph.D., Department of Chemistry
  • Date: Thurs., June 12 or Thurs., June 26

Chemistry is all around us! Chemistry is beautiful! Have you ever wondered where the elements that make up or world and the universe come from? Have you every thought about what an atom really is or the difference between a diamond and graphite? Chemistry let's us do amazing things. During this workshop we'll learn about elements, atoms, molecules, and some of the really cool things we can do with them!

Seeds of Change

Seeds of Change

Gardeners and environmentalists alike will benefit from this workshop on the why and how of organic gardening, seed saving and seed exchanges. From planting a take-home pizza garden to learning about seed dispersal, pollination and pest-free cultivation, students will have the opportunity to become part of the movement for healthy food and sustainable agriculture.


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If you have any questions, please call Boundless Learning at 386-822-7369.

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