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Summer Classes for Stetson Students

Summer@Stetson 2014 looks different than in the past! Several things have changed including:

  • Tuition - The rate for each course has been decreased, meaning that you can take a full-unit course at Stetson University this summer for less than you could in summer 2013!
  • Housing - The rate for housing is now charged by the week -- $125 per week for students who are enrolled in classes.
  • Course selection - We have made the effort to include courses you need!
  • Formats - We have more online courses this summer, allowing you to go home, but still experience the educational quality of Stetson University's faculty through an online modality
  • Maymester - SGA asked the summer task force to consider adding an additional session where more experiential learning opportunities would be made available to students. The Summer Task Force helped to create Maymester -- a two-week period after graduation where you can experience either credit or non-credit learning opportunities.

So this summer, take advantage of Stetson University - choose a new course, at a new price, in a new way! Catch up or get ahead! Summer@Stetson 2014 is your opportunity to focus on one subject in a concentrated time period and gain an outstanding education!

Schedule of Sessions

  • Session B (Maymester) is a two-week session that starts on May 15 and ends on May 30.
  • Session C is a four-week session that starts on May 15 and ends with exams on June 14.
  • Session D is a seven-week session that starts on May 15 and ends with exams on either July 1 or 2.
  • Session E is a six-week online session that starts on June 2 and ends on July 11.
  • Session F is a four-week session that starts on June 19 and ends with exams on July 18.


Registration for all credit coursework during Sessions B, C, D, E, and F will occur through My Stetson beginning on April 7. Be sure to check with your academic advisor for help in choosing the right course for your schedule.

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The charges for Summer@Stetson 2014 have been adjusted as follows:

  1. A full-unit course: $1,992
    1. A quarter-unit course: $498
    2. A half-unit course: $996
    3. A three-quarter-unit course: $1,494
  2. Internship course unit rate: $498
    1. Internships will be priced by course unit proportion (e.g., a half-unit internship will be assessed a fee of $249)
  3. Courses that are audited are 25 percent of tuition charge
  4. Maymester non-credit workshops are priced from $996 to $1,250

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Maymester has been designed to offer you a chance to experience learning in a different way than you would typically have the opportunity to do in a full semester. For two weeks, you will be enrolled in either a credit-based course or in a non-credit workshop. You may not take a course or workshop in Maymester (Session B) and take a course during either Session C or D. Instead, if you want an additional course, Sessions E and F have been developed to suit your needs. The idea is to focus on one learning experience per two-week session. Each learning experience is unique -- choose something that interests you directly.

Non-credit learning experiences will not show on your official Stetson University transcript, but they will be items that can be used on a resume. Students who successfully complete a non-credit workshop will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the workshop.

Course Policies

Undergraduate students may take up to two courses (equivalent of eight credit hours) per session. The maximum course load for the entire summer for undergraduate students is three courses (equivalent to 12 credit hours).

Graduate Students

If you are interested in taking graduate courses in the College of Arts and Sciences (e.g., English, education or counselor education) contact the Office of Graduate Studies at 386-822-8075.

If you are interested in taking graduate courses offered by the School of Business Administration, contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at 386-822-7100.


See the current refund policy on page 23 of the Stetson University Catalog which states: "In the summer term, students who withdraw within the first week will receive a tuition and residence hall refund of 50 percent. After one week, no refunds will be made."


The housing costs for the summer have been changed to allow for the multiple sessions. The cost will be $125 per week for students enrolled in any course. The housing rate for students living in on-campus housing but not enrolled in Stetson University summer school is $200 per week.

Financial Assistance

The Office of Financial Planning can provide information on financial aid options available to undergraduate and graduate students during the summer. The office may be contacted at 386-822-7120.

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