Students at Palm Court

Strategic Initiatives

(A) Demonstrate Stetson's Distinctiveness and Value Proposition

  • Strive for vision-driven distinctiveness
  • Develop and communicate a compelling future value proposition
  • Enhance Stetson's national reputation using strategic communication (Year One Priority)
  • Recruit the best students for Stetson University
  • Tackle community challenges in multi-stakeholder partnerships
  • Continue to foster Stetson's core values

(B) Enhance Excellence and Innovation in Learning

  • Foster collaboration and interdisciplinary learning experiences
  • Build shared understanding of and commitment to academic rigor
  • Emphasize learning in communities: residential, local, global, virtual
  • Create a learning environment that attracts intellectually motivated students (Year One Priority)
  • Advance inquiry, scholarship and creative activity
  • Infuse technology into pedagogy to support high-impact learning

(C) Empower Lifelong Success and Significance

  • Coach, advise and mentor in support of success and significance
  • Exemplify experiential learning as core to Stetson
  • Expand and deepen the development of the whole person
  • Inspire and support a culture of lifelong learning
  • Strengthen career readiness and graduate success (Year One Priority)
  • Improve outcomes through alumni engagement

(D) Secure the Resources to Ensure Success

  • Diversify revenue streams and maximize cost effectiveness (Year One Priority)
  • Implement a best practice alumni engagement capability (Year One Priority)
  • Attract and retain the best employees for Stetson
  • Use human resource planning to drive innovation
  • Enhance faculty and staff development
  • Optimize use of and return on real estate, infrastructure and capital assets

(E) Increase Organizational Resilience and Adaptability

  • Streamline systems and processes (Year One Priority)
  • Use real-time forecasting and modeling to drive decisions
  • Make enterprise risk management ubiquitous
  • Improve "One Stetson" communication and commitment
  • Envision, build and adapt technology

(F) Expand and Strengthen Strategic Partnerships

(G) Be a Diverse Community of Inclusive Excellence (Year One Priority)