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Dane Moran '12

Dane Moran

Medical Student

Major: Biochemistry
Organizations: SGA, Reality Campaign, American Medical Student Association
Sports: Men's Tennis

Originally from NSW, Australia, Moran came to the United States to play tennis at Stetson. Currently he is a medical student at The Johns Hopkins University pursuing his M.D. He is pursuing degrees in medicine and public health concentrating in neurosurgery and global health. Moran got a jump on medical school because of the rigorous curriculum. With the help and guidance from professors who cared for his success he secured a place at one of the world's leading medical schools. Being a premed student enabled Moran to secure a place at one of the world's leading medical schools. Most importantly, he learned that while an outstanding GPA and MCAT score are required to get into medical school, they mean nothing without extensive and sustained community service, shadowing, research, leadership development and being able to develop a strong, cogent and genuine 'story' as to why you want to become a doctor.