Employee Recognition Awards


2016 Employee Recognition Awards

Adapter of the Year, Al Allen

Communicator of the Year, Albert Aguirre

Extra Mile, Maria Marrero

Mentor of the Year, Dr. James Mallett

Money Saver, Rob Berwick

Morale Builder of the Year, Jimmy Kelly

P.A.R. Award, Kim Walker-Oates

Problem Solver of the Year, Debbie Hines

Spirit of Stetson, Savannah-Jane Griffin

About the Employees Recognition Awards

The Quality of Service Council annually recognizes individuals who have distinguished themselves amongst the Stetson community within the following categories.

Adapter of the Year

A flexible individual who adjusts quickly and readily to changes within the department due to evolving technology, new schedules or other job responsibilities.

Communicator of the Year

An individual who is able to convey information in such a clear manner that it is satisfactorily received by all segments of the Stetson University community.

Mentor of the Year

An admired individual who has supported, guided and encouraged others in their careers at Stetson University.

Money Saver of the Year

An individual who has effectively reduced costs for his/her department or the university.

Morale Builder of the Year

A positive individual who consistently boosts the spirits of others with friendliness, enthusiasm and encouragement.

Problem Solver of the Year

A solution finder; the co-worker people call when something goes wrong, or when they have a question or situation for which they don't have an answer.

P.A.R. Award

An individual who embodies the three characteristics of this award: professionalism, attitude and reliability.

Volunteer of the Year

An individual whose passion and actions exemplify commitment to service of others.

Extra Mile Award

An individual who goes beyond their job description to help others when needed without complaint or expectation.

Spirit of Stetson

The person who embodies the true spirit of Stetson University every day and who has traits of several of the award categories. This person is a representation of Stetson University's core values. The winner is selected by the Council from the entire list of nominees.

Past Winners and Nominees