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Consolidated Goals and Objectives from the Planning Process

In November 2009, five work groups were formed with the goal of developing tactical and opportunistic recommendations for immediate or near term implementation to strengthen the university. Their study areas were Athletics, Enrollment Management and Retention, Facilities, Marketing, and Student and Campus Life. Their charge was to "assess current activities and develop a list of approximately six major interventions that are results oriented, and will spark new directions and modes of thinking, increase revenue or decrease expenses." Minutes and a large selection of the data assembled by the work groups were available to the campus community on the university's intranet and feedback was solicited. This Consolidated Goals statement reflects much of the product of those work groups. Early insights from the work of three academic planning groups and the team working on the Quality Enhancement Plan also informed this work.

In January and February, the reports were studied by the steering committee for the project, the President's Cabinet members with input from the work group chairs, the deans, participants at two open forums, and a group of students who reflected on a subset of the reports. Based upon these deliberations, the Cabinet defined priority goals and objectives. Some recommendations from the work groups were modified, some were not adopted at all, and others were added de novo by the Cabinet. There were also some recommendations that moved right into the work flow. The Board of Trustees engaged in three hours of open discussion with the work group chairs and the Cabinet on February 25, 2010 and endorsed the plan on February 26, 2010.

Senior administration staff members responsible for implementation of each goal are noted on each goal.

Consolidated Goals Document

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