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The 2011-14 Strategic Map: Background and Resources

Stetson University's Strategic Plan, developed in 2011, guides the university community in six core areas:

  • Clarify and Assert Stetson's Identity, Values and Distinctiveness
  • Increase Targeted Enrollment and Retention of the Best Students for Stetson
  • Increase the Excellence of the Academic Program
  • Optimize the Total Lifelong Stetson Experience
  • Renew and Build Critical Systems and Infrastructure
  • Be a Great Place to Work

The development of the 2011 Strategic Plan has allowed us to collectively explore the many ways in which we will focus innovation to drive the university from success to significance, while also increasing financial health and sustainability and deepening the way we live Stetson's core values.


Stetson University formed a series of academic and university planning workgroups during the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 academic years. The charges to these planning groups are archived for both the University Planning Workgroups and the Academic Planning Workgroups.

The groups appointed by President Wendy B. Libby included:

  • Student and Campus Life - addressing vibrancy, retention, residence and campus life
  • Facilities - addressing master planning, condition assessment, sustainability commitments and staffing
  • Enrollment Management and Retention - addressing advising, program development and markets
  • Marketing - addressing alumni, prospective students, community and partnerships
  • Athletics - addressing the current program, additional athletics initiatives, recruitment

The groups appointed by Provost Elizabeth "Beth" Paul included:

  • Key Indicators - defining key indicators/analyses to study the "economies" of our academic programs
  • Curriculum Parameters - defining key curriculum parameters (target enrollments, faculty workload, etc.)
  • Program Closure/Initiation - drafting evaluative criteria for discontinuing or creating an academic program

The resources below provide more information about the work done by these groups.



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