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Program Closure/New Program Policy

The Program Closure/New Program Policy workgroup was charged with drafting criteria or guiding principles that will be applied by academic leaders in evaluating whether a program should be discontinued. By what process will we consider and implement the discontinuation of academic programs? Likewise, what criteria or guiding principles should be applied in evaluating proposals for new programs, and by what process will this be conducted?

Such policies typically include guiding criteria that include centrality to the university mission, effectiveness and efficiency; student demand; an evaluation of resources impacted by program initiation or closure; and the articulation of a process for analysis, deliberation and decision. The priority whenever possible is to maintain tenure-track and tenured faculty as our central resource in most areas.

A draft policy will be completed by the end of the Fall semester that will then move through the appropriate policy approval steps.

Committee Documents

Resource Materials


  • Greg McCann, Chair
  • Jane Bradford
  • Jane Christeson
  • Phillip Lucas
  • Emily Mieras
  • Rebecca Morgan
  • Becky Watts
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