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Key Indicators

The Key Indicators workgroup is charged with defining key indicators and analyses that can be used by academic leaders in the College, Schools, Departments and Programs to study the "economies" of Stetson University's academic programs (e.g., course and program enrollment distributions, student-faculty ratios, faculty workload, major and minor counts, change of major paths, program costs, net revenue).

This group's work is supported by the Office of Institutional Research and is working with the university's Finance staff to define useful financial indicators and analyses.

By the end of the Fall semester, this group will present a definition of key indicators; Institutional Research and Finance will work to create a data warehouse of key indicators and associated reports.

Meeting Minutes

Other Committee Documents


  • John Schorr, Chair
  • Erich Friedman
  • Laura Glander
  • Tandy Grubbs
  • Dan Hale
  • Jan Kindred
  • Sue Ryan
  • Ted Surynt
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