Stetson University

Gender Equity


Gender Equity Plan Review Committee Members:

  • Mike Bitter, Professor of Accounting, FAR (ex-officio member)
  • Camille Tessitore King, Associate Professor, Chair
  • Stacy Matthews, Director of Budgets
  • Julie Orlowski, Head Women's Soccer Coach
  • Ann Small, Professor of Music
  • Jan Usher, Senior Women's Administrator/Assistant Athletics Director for Academics

NCAA Operating Principle 3.1 Gender Issues (from 2005) reads as follows:

Consistent with NCAA Constitution 2.3, it is the responsibility of each institution to implement theAssociation's principle of gender equity. In accordance with this fundamental principle, the institution shall:

  • Have implemented its approved gender-equity plan from the previous self-study. If modified or not carried out fully, the institution shall provide an explanation from appropriate institutional authorities.
  • Demonstrate that it is committed to, and has progressed toward, fair and equitable treatment of both male and female student-athletes and athletics department personnel.
  • Formally adopt a written plan for the future for the intercollegiate athletics program that ensures the institution maintains a program, or continues progress toward a program, which is equitable for both genders. The plan shall include measurable goals the institution intends to achieve, steps the institution will take to achieve those goals, persons responsible and timetables.
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