Stetson University

Academic Technology Committee

As part of the campus-wide visioning process during the 2009-2010 academic year, the Academic Technology Committee (ATC), a standing university committee, has developed a report similar to those produced by other university working groups with Provost Beth Paul's encouragement and support. Technology specialists from all campuses participated in this effort.

This ATC report assesses the state of technology-enhanced learning at Stetson University and outlines a vision for how the university can move forward on this issue of vital importance for 21st-century education. Since technology is also a critical supporting element of Stetson University initiatives in areas such as Student and Campus Life, Facilities, Enrollment Management and Retention, Marketing, and Athletics, the committee also took care to monitor reports from other working groups and ensure this report is congruent with their recommendations.

Committee Documents


  • Nathan Wolek, Chair
  • Kai Armstrong
  • Jay Braden
  • Fred Augustine
  • Debbi Dinkins
  • Paul Gleason
  • Jan Kindred
  • Sims Kline
  • Phil Lucas
  • Daniel Plante
  • Daniel Rossi-Keen
  • Nancy Surynt
  • Bill Penney, ex-officio
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