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Pig Team Publications

Recent Publications

  • 1991 Farrell, T.M. The effect of consumers on the rate of succession: a test of a general model in a rocky intertidal community. Ecological Monographs 61:95-113.
  • 1991 Farrell, T.M., D. Bracher, and J. Roughgarden. Cross-shelf transport causes recruitment to intertidal populations in central California. Limnology and Oceanography 36:279-288.
  • 1992 May P.G. Flower selection and the dynamics of lipid reserves in two nectarivorous butterflies. Ecology 73:2181-2191.
  • 1992 Farrell, T.M. A review of "Comparative Analysis of Ecosystems". Bioscience 35:369.
  • 1992 Borntrager, J.A., and T.M. Farrell. The effect of artificial reef size on species richness and diversity in an Florida estuary. Florida Scientist 55:229-235.
  • 1993 Satchell, E. and T.M. Farrell. Spatial arrangements of settling larvae in four species of intertidal barnacles. Marine Biology 116:241-245.
  • 1993 Menge, B.A., T.M. Farrell, A.M. Olson, P. Van Tamelen, and T. Turner. Algal recruitment and the maintenance of a plant mosaic in the low intertidal region of the Oregon coast. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. 170:91-116.
  • 1994 Schaefer, J.F., S.T. Heulett and T.M. Farrell. Interactions between two poeciliid fishes (Gambusia holbrooki and Heterandria formosa) and their prey in a Florida marsh. Copeia 1994:516-520.
  • 1994 May, P.G., T.M. Farrell and A.M. Rabatsky. Researching the real serpent: Studies of pigmy rattlesnakes. League of Florida Herpetological Societies. May Issue, 10 pages.
  • 1994 Smiley, H. A comparative study of nesting Atlantic and Pacific sea turtles (Dermochelys coriacea). Bios 9:16-21.
  • 1994 Bishop, L.A. and T.M. Farrell. Natural History Note: Thamnophis sauritus sackenii--Behavior. Herpetological Review 25:127.
  • 1995 Farrell, T.M., P.G. May and M.A. Pilgrim. Reproduction of the rattlesnake, Sistrurus miliarius, in central Florida. Journal of Herpetology 29:21-27.
  • 1995 Jemison, S.C., L.A. Bishop, P. G. May, and T.M. Farrell. The impact of PIT-tags on the growth and movement of the rattlesnake, Sistrurus miliarius. Journal of Herpetology 29:129-132.
  • 1996 Bishop, L.A., T.M. Farrell, and P.G. May. Sexual dimorphism in the rattlesnake Sistrurus miliarius. Herpetologica 52:360-364.
  • 1996 May, P.G., T.M. Farrell, S.T. Heulett, M.A. Pilgrim, L.A. Bishop, D.J. Spence, A.M. Rabatsky, M.G. Campbell, A.D. Aycrigg, and W.E. Richardson II. Seasonal abundance and activity of a rattlesnake (Sistrurus miliarius barbouri) in central Florida. Copeia 1996:389-400.
  • 1996 Aycrigg, A.D., T.M. Farrell, and P.G. May. Natural History Note: Seminatrix pygaea--Predation. Herpetological Review 27:84
  • 1996 Rabatsky, A.M. and T.M. Farrell. The effects of age and light level on foraging posture and frequency of caudal luring in the rattlesnake, Sistrurus miliarius barbouri. Journal of Herpetology 30:558-561.
  • 1996 Caskey, B. Foraging behavior of two marine gastropods, Nassarius vibex and Ilyanassa obsoleta, in the presence of a predatory crab, Panopeus herbstii. Bios
  • 1997 Pilgrim, M.A., T.M. Farrell, and P.G. May. Population structure, activity, and sexual dimorphism in a central Florida population of Terrapene carolina. In Press, Chelonian Conservation and Biology
  • 1997 May, P.G., S.H. Heulett, M.A. Pilgrim and T.M. Farrell. Live fast, love hard, and die young: The ecology of pigmy rattlesnakes. Reptile and Amphibian Magazine (In Press)
  • 1997 May, P.G. and T.M. Farrell. Death from above: Adventures with arboreal snakes. Reptiles Magazine (In Press).

Student Publications

  • 1993 J.N. Sourial et al. The impact of PIT tagging on the growth and movement of the dusky pigmy rattlesnake. Florida Academy of Sciences (FAS), St. Petersburg, Florida.
  • 1993 J.W. Everett et al. The seasonal activity and thermal biology of the dusky pigmy rattlesnake. FAS.
  • 1993 M.A. Pilgrim et al. Growth in juvenile pigmy rattlesnakes. FAS.
  • 1993 P.E. Cople et al. The effects of satellite nests on predation in artificial nests of Psuedemys peninsularis. FAS (Won best student paper award).
  • 1994 J.A. Breuchel et al. Spatial distribution patterns in the gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) at Lake Woodruff NWR. FAS, Tallahassee, Florida.
  • 1994 A.M. Rabatsky et al. The effect of light level on the frequency of caudal luring in a rattlesnake, Sistrurus miliarius. FAS.
  • 1994 M.A. Pilgrim et al. Annual variation in reproductive parameters in a central Florida Population of rattlesnakes, Sistrurus miliarius. FAS.
  • 1994 L.A. Bishop et al. Sexual dimorphism in the rattlesnake Sistrurus miliarius barbouri. FAS (Won an Outstanding Student Paper Award).
  • 1994 D. Spence et al. What is the adaptive significance of extracellular accumulations of mucilage in watershield (Brasenia scherberi, Gmelin)? FAS. (Won an outstanding student paper award)
  • 1994 L.A. Bishop et al. Sexual dimorphism in the rattlesnake, Sistrurus miliarius barbouri. SSAR meeting, Athens, Georgia
  • 1995 A.M. Rabatsky and T.M. Farrell. The effects of age and light level on foraging in Sistrurus miliarius. S.S.A.R. meetings, Boone, North Carolina