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Stetson Parent Association

The Stetson Parents Association's (SPA's) mission is to "engage parents and families in supporting the university's mission for each student's success." When your student committed to attend Stetson University, your membership in the SPA automatically started. As a member of the SPA, you'll receive our e-newsletters, invitations to special events and other important communications.


Parent Recruitment Team

This committee works with the Office of Admissions to aid in recruitment efforts around the country and the world.

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Parents Fund Committee

Since its founding in 1883, Stetson University has relied on parents, alumni and friends for support. This committee assists the Office of University Relations in meeting fundraising goals for the Stetson Fund, which supports the university's most pressing annual needs.

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Parent Career Committee

Parents who volunteer with this committee are willing to help students and alumni with career exploration and networking through internships, job shadowing, job searching and career networking in their local communities.

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