Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a monthly charge for activating my Prepaid MasterCard?

No. There is no monthly service charge if you choose to activate the Prepaid MasterCard.

Is there a charge to use my Hatter One Card at a Fifth Third Bank ATM?

No. There are no charges to make withdrawals with your Hatter One Card at Fifth Third Bank ATMs. Better yet, there is a Fifth Third Bank ATM on both the DeLand and Gulfport campuses!

Can I use my Hatter One Card at a non-Fifth Third Bank ATM?

Yes. Your Hatter One Card can be used at any ATM. You will incur a $2 fee from Fifth Third Bank to use another bank's ATM. In addition, for any non-Fifth Third Bank transactions, the owner of the ATM may charge a fee as well.

Can my Hatter One Card be used as a credit card?

No. The card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted for debit transactions. Only funds loaded to the card can be used for purchases. If there are no funds available, the transaction will be declined. There is no line of credit attached to this card.

Can I use my Hatter One Card to spend surpluses from my student account?

No. Your Hatter One Card is not directly linked to your account on campus. However, you may elect to direct deposit any refunds due from your student account to your Hatter One Card. Please visit the Bursar's Office at the OneStop in Griffith Hall.

Will Stetson University have the ability to view my spending history or account balance using the Hatter One Card?

No. Your account information is confidential, and Fifth Third Bank takes necessary steps to ensure your account information is protected.

Where can I use my Hatter One Card for purchases?

Once activated, your Hatter One Card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted, even online.

What should I do if my Hatter One Card is lost or stolen?

If lost or stolen, follow the campus process for reporting lost/stolen IDs and call Fifth Third Bank at 1-866-452-8484 to have the card blocked. After you receive your replacement Hatter One Card from the University, contact Fifth Third to activate your new card and to transfer any remaining funds.

Does Stetson University share my personal information with Fifth Third Bank?

No. Fifth Third Bank receives no personal information from Stetson University.

If I am under eighteen years of age, do I have to have an adult on the Prepaid MasterCard account with me?

Yes. If you are under the age of eighteen, Fifth Third Bank does require that you have a parent or guardian as a joint owner on the Prepaid MasterCard account. You will need to open your Prepaid MasterCard by visiting our banking center in DeLand. Our banking center will issue your parent or guardian their own, unique Stetson University Prepaid MasterCard at the time of account opening.

How can I load money onto my Prepaid MasterCard?

  • Direct deposit
  • Cash deposit at any Fifth Third banking center
  • Check deposit at any Fifth Third banking center
  • Transfer from Fifth Third checking or savings account at banking center, if available
  • Transfer from Fifth Third checking or savings account via Internet Banking, if available