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Hatter Alert: Emergency Guidelines System

If you are in danger or feel threatened, call 911 or Public Safety at 386-822-7300.

Hurricane Emergency

The university's emergency management team (E.M.T.) will monitor all tropical storms and hurricanes reported by the National Hurricane Center. When a storm is predicted to impact central Florida, the E.M.T. will begin triaged preparation of the campus for severe weather. At appropriate times during the several days prior to the predicted impact of the storm system, the E.M.T. will communicate with the campus community as decisions are made regarding cancellation of scheduled classes or activities or evacuation of the campus. Such communication will be through the university's email system.

If the DeLand area is under a hurricane warning, the university will post regular updates regarding the status of campus schedules and conditions at:

Additionally, you will find recorded updates at the Hatter Alert Phone Center at 888-680-4287.

As general preparation for an approaching hurricane, we suggest the following actions:

  1. All residential students are encouraged to have in their residence hall room a NOAA Weather Alert radio.
  2. Keep a flashlight and fresh batteries in your residence hall room.
  3. Do not use candles in your residence hall.
  4. Stay inside during the height of the storm.
  5. Have prepackaged snacks and water in your room in case the weather does not permit you to go to the Commons for a meal.
  6. Stay away from windows and glass doors during high winds or lightning.
  7. Check your email as often as possible.
  8. Place plastic coverings over your computer or other electronic equipment if you leave your residence hall room for an extended period.
  9. Call Public Safety at 386-822-7300 if you need assistance or to report facility damage.
  10. If you go outdoors immediately after a severe storm, watch for fallen power lines or hazardous debris.
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