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Emergency Essentials

Hatter Alert

Stetson University's official emergency preparedness and notification system provides students, faculty, and staff with important information regarding emergency procedures. Individuals signed up for Hatter Alerts will receive notifications in the event of campus emergencies.

To sign up for Hatter Alerts via phone or text message, follow these steps:

1) Sign in to My Stetson using your Stetson University I.D. number (800 number) and PIN.

2) Select the appropriate tab for Employees or Students.

3) Select Hatter Alert Cell Phone Record. Enter your cell phone number in the field provided.

4) If applicable, select the Change Your Emergency Cell Number link to update your phone number.

Lightning Alarm System

Every thunderstorm produces a unique “electrical footprint” at the surface where lightning is most likely to occur. The extent or shape of this electrical footprint depends on many factors, including: season, pressure, wind speed, temperature, and elevation.

Given that all of these factors can change in just seconds, the electrical footprint also changes to reflect the favorable locations for lightning to strike.

Stetson Univeristy installed a lightning detection system in 2013. This system — manufactured by Thor Guard — detects electrical footprints with a 98 percent probability for a lightning strike, within 2.5 miles of the DeLand Campus.

If a strike is detected the system emits a 15-second audible alert through sirens installed at various campus locations:

• Public Safety office

• scoreboard at the Athletic Training Center

• pool at the Hollis Center

• cupola over Elizabeth Hall

This alert is the same one that can be heard at many golf courses when bad weather is approaching. Should you be outdoors when the alert sounds, move inside immediately. When conditions return to a safe level, the system will automatically emit an all-clear signal: three, five-second alert blasts.