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An Academic Alternative to Saturdays

The High Achieving Talented Students (HATS) Program offers year-round academic enrichment classes. We provide an array of monthly classes on Saturday mornings. We look forward to seeing you!

All classes offered in DeLand are located in Sage Hall. Classes are held from 9:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Tuition for each class is $45.

September 19th Courses

Arrrr! It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Shiver Me Timbers!

Course Code: BER | Open to grades K-1

Ahoy Mateys! Do you want to learn how to become a real pirate? What was life like on a pirate ship? How did they look for buried treasure? What was so extraordinary about a message in a bottle? Join us as we explore the Caribbean seas with modern day buccaneers…..but we can’t do this without me harties! No scallywags allowed! Sail away with us on our maiden voyage….or walk the plank!

Batten Down the Hatches

Course Code: 101 | Open to grades 2-3

So...Ye want t' be a pirate aye...or a' least learn to talk like a pirate….well mus' first learn about the history of how pirates navigated the oceans in search of the treasures. Join us as we travel back into time and learn about the history of the magnetic compass and step into the shoes of a pirate on their quest to find the treasure. Like Christopher Columbus, pirates had no GPS. Pirates had no internet. Pirates had no travel club. We will learn how to make a working compass, to read and understand maps, and use cardinal direction so as to find our very own treasure! So grab your best pirate voice and get ready to set sail on a voyage to learn about navigation tools. Like a pirate would say, “Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!” (pull up the anchor and the sail and let's get going!).

Fathoms, Freeboards, and Knots
    Measurements for Pirating

Course Code: 102 | Open to grades 4-5

They were infamous for plundering and pillaging ships; renowned for burying treasure; credited for sailing the seven seas throughout generations…but Pirates never earned the reputation as abled mathematicians – until today! Blimey…. math and measurement were indeed part of their merriment! How else could pirates have navigated the treacherous oceans with such dexterity and aplomb? Ahoy Ye Mateys: Come about as we study the basic mathematic principles pirates understood so well. From the simple applications of volume, mass, water displacement, and buoyancy to the methods and units of measuring ocean depth and nautical mileage, we will journey as pirates did across the great blue divide. An adventure awaits you…Fathom that!

Pirate Fiction

Course Code: 103 | Open to grades 5-12

Avast, landlubbers and fiction lovers! Celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day with this course, which maps out the history of piratical fiction, in both print and film, both the serious and the incredibly silly.
Thrill to the high adventure of Treasure Island, and bust yer gut laughing at The Pirates! books by Gideon Defoe, then try your hand at your own pirate fiction!

Walk the Plank!

Course Code: 104 | Open to grades 7-12

Thar she blows!! Callin' all lad and lass students! We be goin' t' learn all about sharrrrks! It be a great grand sea beastie ye may encounter as would-be buccaneers. Yer ready to dissect a real sharrrrk? Arr!!! Aye, ye better or ye be walkin' t' plank. Git ye pirattitude on, but no hiijinks in the laboratory area!!! It'll jus' get ye tossed o'erboard. If ye find y'self a grand adventurarrrr, then cuttin' up sharrrrks will fill yer sails 'n float yer ship! Aaargh!

Fall Semester
2015 Program Dates

  • September 19
  • October 17
  • November 14
  • December 5

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