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An Academic Alternative to Saturdays

The High Achieving Talented Students (HATS) Program offers year-round academic enrichment classes. We provide an array of monthly classes on Saturday mornings. We look forward to seeing you!

Spring semester 2015 Program Dates

  • May 16

All classes offered in DeLand are located in Sage Hall. Classes are held from 9:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.

Registration is now open. Tuition for each class is $50.

May 16, 2015 | Course Descriptions

BER | Rectangles, Circles, and Squares...Oh, My | Grades K-1

Join us as we jump into geometry and learn all about 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes. Let’s explore different attributes as we build our knowledge through sorting and creating. We will discover a tasty way to investigate the world of geometry and play a game with polygons as we find that shapes are all around us!

101 | Ecosystems | Grades 2-3

Attention science lovers! Have you ever wondered what makes something a living thing? Have you become intrigued by the complex interaction of living things and their environment? In this hands-on, interactive class, we will dive into the many aspects of ecosystems. We’ll learn how plants and animals depend on each other to survive; this delicate balance is essential, and the slightest disruption can be disastrous to the ecosystem! From plants to animals of all kind come explore the different climates and habitats of our world! Grab your passports and get ready for a fun adventure!

102 | Plants for Generations to Come  | Grades 4-6

Emily Dickinson once wrote, “We should not mind so small a flower, except it quiet bring - our little garden that we lost back to the lawn again.” Spring is in the air… and that means the birds and the bees are active again! As with all living organisms, plants must reproduce to continue their species for generations to come.

Did you know that plants have parents? Have you ever wondered just how new plants are created; or asked, “What’s the big deal about birds and bees and plant reproduction?” ….then come join us as we explore the reproduction of plants. We’ll take an up close look – through the microscope - and hands on look – through plant dissection at the awe inspiring, diverse, processes that bring new plants to life! Join us as we are able to explain to the immortal Miss Dickinson how a lawn is not lost, but brought back again…..

103 | Flash Fiction - Mysteries | Grades 5-12

Everyone loves a good mystery, whether it's a murder in an old mansion, a mysterious disappearance, or a sinister investigation in the big city. In this course you'll learn the basics of different mystery genres, design some mystery plots, and begin writing your own mystery stories. Learn how to plan the perfect crime, plant clues right under your readers' noses, and surprise them with the ending. It probably wasn't the butler. Or was it?

104 | It's the Law | Grades 6-12

Have you ever wondered why we have certain laws? Or ponder the differences between criminal and civil law? Are you passionate about being a productive citizen? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, this class if for you! We’ll discuss several different laws, look at case studies, complete a “who done it,” and have a short mock trial. This course will empower participants to be active and engaged citizens by equipping them with knowledge and skills about law and our democracy. Whether you have a desire to be a future lawyer, judge, police officer, detective, crime scene investigator, or anything else you wish, this is a fun and hands-on class for anyone with curiosity and a desire to learn. Grab your law books and bring your detective skills, the ever-changing world of democracy awaits you!

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