HATS Program Fall Courses

Fall Semester 2017

The HATS Program offers academic enrichment classes once a month on Saturday mornings from 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Course offerings vary from month to month. All classes are held on the DeLand campus in Sage Hall. Tuition is $45 per class.

Fall Semester Dates

  • November 4
  • December 2

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NOV- 101 | The Human Body | Grades K-1 
How do our bodies get energy from the food we eat? What happens to the air we breathe? The human body is made up of several organ systems that work together as one unit. Join us for an amazing trip through the body as we get a first-hand look at major parts and how they work. We will learn all about our Heart, Lungs, Muscles, Bones, and Digestive System. All systems go!

NOV- 102 | Estimation Exploration  | Grades 2-3
How much, how many, how can you tell? Have a good time discovering ways to count without counting!
See how estimating can lead to some intriguing mathematical discussions and explore what can be done with the data collected.

NOV- 103 | Brain Twisters & Sizzlers  | Grades 4-5 
Puzzle -solving as an extreme sport….Come join us as we discover the thrill of critical thinking and strategic problem-solving. Learn how to think creatively, play strategically, and to solve seemingly outrageous problems…all this while you have loads of fun! From Blokus to logic puzzles, from mysteries to mazes, from riddles to pattern recognition…we'll explore the dimensions of critical thinking…. Be ready to push your neurons to the limit! 

NOV- 104 | Flash Fiction: Making a Mystery  | Grades 4-12
Writing a mystery is like creating a puzzle with many pieces: a crime, a setting, suspects, red herrings, a detective… and a culprit. This Flash Fiction course looks at the genre of the mystery story. We’ll examine the rich history, and also the traits that make up its puzzle-like structure. This unique experience will end with the class collaboratively writing an original mystery story!

NOV- 105 | Thanks A Lot! - Discussions of Gratitude | Grades 5-8
Thanks A Lot!- Discussions of Gratitude- Have you ever heard the expression "have an attitude of gratitude"? This Hatterday's class will take a look at how gratitude works and why thankfulness can create a better world for everyone. We will explore why we celebrate Thanksgiving as a holiday, and how just saying "thank you" to someone can be good both for you and the recipient. Our time will also include tips on writing thank you notes with meaning!

NOV- 106 | Energy Transfer in Nature  | Grades 7-12
Have you ever wondered what happens to the energy in an ecosystem when one organism eats another? Where does it go and how is it used? Join us in this class as we embark on hands-on Advanced Placement (AP) activities and labs as we investigate how this energy moves along a one-way path, from the sun or inorganic compounds in autotrophs (producers) and then to various heterotrophs (consumers); what energy pyramids are and what makes up food chains and food webs.  We will conclude the class with an owl pellet dissection.

December course descriptions will be posted soon.