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Stetson Global and Regional Eco-Expertise Network


The Stetson Global and Regional Eco-Expertise Network (GREEN) links the university's colleges, schools, facilities and co-curricular programs to provide educational experiences on topics of environmental concern and to foster sustainable university and community operations.

The purpose of Stetson GREEN is to:

  • connect unrelated academic and student life programs, institutional and operational initiatives
  • support undergraduate research projects by linking students, faculty, and staff for research, campus initiatives, community environmental projects, or environmental activism at the local to international levels
  • serve as a focal point and resource center for the greater community
  • link faculty and student scholarship with university operations to facilitate progress to a more sustainable campus
  • function as an advocate for accomplishments and innovations related to basic science of the natural world, human environment interaction, and sustainability both on and off campus
  • highlight the unique environmental issues of Central Florida

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