Stetson University


  • Tony Abbott, Department of Geography and Environmental Science; Latin America, climatology, GIS, development
  • Cynthia Bennington; Department of Biology; plant ecology
  • Paul Jerome Croce; Department of American Studies; American markets and nature
  • Terence Farrell; Department of Biology; reptile behavior ecology
  • Kim Reiter; Department of History; ancient and medieval history
  • Robert Sitler; Department of Modern Languages and Literatures; Spanish and Mayan culture
  • Kirsten Work; Department of Biology; limnology, conservation biology
  • William Ball; Department of Political Science; sustainable communities
  • Karen Cole; Director, Gillespie Museum; K-12 environmental outreach
  • Michelle DeMoss; Department of Marketing; sustainability, entrepreneurship
  • Missy Gibbs; Department of Biology; invasive fish biology
  • Tandy Grubbs; Department of Chemistry; alternative energy and polymers
  • John Jett ; Department of Biology; human-wildlife interaction
  • Peter May; Department of Biology; snake biology, ornithology
  • Mary Pollock; Department of English; nature writing, environmental literature
  • Kevin Riggs; Department of Physics; alternative energy
  • Dixon Sutherland; Department of Religious Studies; nature and religion
  • Rebecca Watts; Department of Communication and Media Studies; environmental communication
  • John York; Department of Chemistry; fuel technology
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