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Awards and scholarships to be included in the Undergraduate Awards and Recognition event and/or program (previously known as Academic Awards Convocation) should be documented using one of the forms below

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The New Course Proposal Form has been replaced with an improved electronic version. Also newly developed is the New General Education Course Proposal Form. When filling out these forms, please enter the department chair/program director's email address, as he/she will be reviewing this submission for approval. The form will be sent automatically to the email address provided. If you would like a copy of your proposal, please press the print key on your toolbar before pressing the Submit button on the form. Questions regarding the forms can be directed to Lisa Guenther, curriculum coordinator, at or 386-822-8930.

College of Arts and Sciences


If you are sending a travel request, travel planning information or budget information, copy Sandee Farrington at

If you are sending class schedules, class schedule changes or are updating caps, instructors or rooms, send them to Marj Burrhus at and copy Trena Wetherington at

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College of Law

No resources are available at this location yet. Please consult the College of Law's website and the resources for faculty and staff page for further information.

School of Business Administration

No resources are available at this location yet. Please consult the School of Business Administration's website and the Office of Academic Affairs for further information.

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