Stetson University

W. Tandy Grubbs

Professor and Chair of Chemistry

Tandy Grubbs, born and raised a North Carolinian, has been at Stetson University since 1995 and currently serves as chair of the chemistry department. He is interested in horses, lasers and brewing beer (but not all at the same time). In addition to a number of chemical interests, he enjoys designing casual computer games in support of science education.


  • Ph.D., physical chemistry, Duke University
  • B.S., chemistry, High Point University

Course Topics

  • Physical Chemistry
  • Advanced Physical Chemistry
  • General Chemistry
  • Alternative Energy Choices
  • Brewing Science and Technology

Research Interests

  • Physical chemistry
  • Polymer chemistry
  • Alternative energy
  • Computer gaming in support of STEM education
  • Innovative uses of technology in support of STEM education
  • The use of laser interferometry and other forms of optical spectroscopy to characterize materials


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