William J. Ball

Visiting Associate Professor of Political Science

William Ball studies, teaches, and practices citizen engagement with local governance. He is currently engaged in starting up a participatory budgeting project and conducting research on the nature and limits of citizenship in the contemporary U.S. He works with Stetson faculty on cultivating community-based research projects in the DeLand area. He has also brought into existence Innovation House, Stetson’s makerspace. He acted as chair of the Department of Political Science 2002-2009 and as director of the leadership in public affairs program 2000-2009. His accolades include the Florida Campus Compact's Graham Frey Award for outstanding contributions to the development of civic learning and engagement as well as the American Political Science Association's McGraw Hill Award for Teaching and Scholarship in Civic Education.


  • Ph.D., political science, University of Missouri-Columbia, 1992
  • M.A., international affairs, Carleton University (Ottawa, Ontario), 1984
  • B.A., political science, Drake University, 1983

Course Topics

  • Seminar on Civic Engagement
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Utopias in Fact, Fiction, and Virtual Reality
  • Political Analysis
  • Political Ideology

William Ball

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