Thomas Vogel

Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics

Dr. Vogel received his Ph.D. from Leipzig University in Germany and has held postdoctoral positions at the Juelich Research Center, the University of Georgia, and Los Alamos National Laboratory. Dr. Vogel is a computational physicist working in the fields of statistical physics, biologically motivated soft-matter systems and materials science with emphasis on nanotechnology. A main aspect of his work is the development of cutting-edge simulation algorithms to facilitate his research.

He recently published research on the adsorption of polymers on carbon nanotubes – structures which are promising candidates for next-generation nano-materials with unimagined new behaviors – and on the nano-structure evolution of metallic crystals exposed to radiation of light atoms, a process anticipated to hinder the efficient operation of fusion generators for potential energy production in the future.


  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Los Alamos National Laboratory 2013-2015
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, The University of Georgia, 2010-2013
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Juelich Research Center, Germany, 2009-2010
  • Ph.D., University Leipzig, Germany 2009

Course Topics 

  • University Physics
  • Astronomy
  • Modern Physics

Research Interests

  • Computational physics, biophysics and chemistry 
  • Molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo methods 
  • Supercomputing


  • Towards on optimal flow: Density-of-states informed replica-exchange simulations T Vogel and D Perez Physical Review Letters (in press), 2015
  • Thermodynamics of the adsorption of flexible polymers on nanowires T Vogel, J Gross, M Bachmann The Journal of Chemical Physics 142 (10), 104901, 2015
  • Effect of single-site mutations on hydrophobic-polar lattice proteins G Shi, T Vogel, T Wüst, YW Li, DP Landau Physical Review E 90 (3), 033307, 2014
  • Diffusion and transformation kinetics of small helium clusters in bulk tungsten D Perez, T Vogel, BP Uberuaga Physical Review B 90 (1), 014102, 2014
  • Molecular Dynamics in the Multicanonical Ensemble: Equivalence of Wang-Landau Sampling, Statistical Temperature Molecular Dynamics, and Metadynamics C Junghans, D Perez, T Vogel Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation (JCTC) 10 (5), 1843, 2014
  • Generic, Hierarchical Framework for Massively Parallel Wang-Landau Sampling T Vogel, YW Li, T Wüst, DP Landau Physical Review Letters 110 (21), 210603, 2013
  • Effects of the interaction range on structural phases of flexible polymers J Gross, T Neuhaus, T Vogel, M Bachmann The Journal of Chemical Physics 138, 074905, 2013
  • Conformational Phase Diagram for Polymers Adsorbed on Ultrathin Nanowires T Vogel, M Bachmann Physical Review Letters 104 (19), 198302, 2010
  • Surface effects in the crystallization process of elastic flexible polymers S Schnabel, T Vogel, M Bachmann, W Janke Chemical Physics Letters 476 (4), 201-204, 2009
  • Freezing and collapse of flexible polymers on regular lattices in three dimensions T Vogel, M Bachmann, W Janke Physical Review E 76 (6), 061803, 2007

Thomas Vogel

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