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Sven Smith

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Sven Smith is a legal and an organizational sociologist appointed as an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. His life's work incorporates thought from a variety of disciplines. He has worked at the think tank for the American Bar Association, the American Bar Foundation in Chicago, Illinois, where he worked as a lead researcher/supervisor on The American Jury Project, under Shari Diamond, interpreting data from a set of videotaped, actual jury trial deliberations using social-psychology, sociology and legal theory. He is also an attorney and has extensive trial and appellate experience, trying cases and arguing appeals in the criminal, civil and administrative arenas. He has served Florida in the trial division of the State Attorney's Office and as the Senior Attorney for The Division of Real Estate in Orlando, Florida. He has also worked as a trial attorney in commercial real estate litigation, focusing in the area of real estate.


  • Ph.D., law and society, University of Florida
  • J.D., Florida State University
  • M.A., sociology, University of Chicago
  • B.A., sociology, Stetson University

Course Topics

  • Sociology of Law
  • Sociology of Criminal Procedure
  • Criminology
  • Sociology of Power in National and International Contexts
  • Statistics
  • Research writing courses

Research Interests

  • Affect of organizational influence on group decision-making and performance
  • Developing and testing a conceptual model to predict the psychological adjustments and precision of the professional performance of Florida judges based upon organizational aspects of the courthouse within which they work
  • Media
  • Race


  • Diamond, S.S., Rose, M.R., Murphy, B., & Smith, S. (2006). "Juror questions during trial: A window into juror thinking," Vanderbilt L. Rev. 1927-1972.
  • Smith, S. & Malik, N. (2013). "The Representation of Blacks and Hispanics In Media Depictions of The Catholic Church," Journal of The Black Catholic Theological Symposium 97-129.
  • Smith, S., Lanza-Kaduce, L.,& Fockler, C. (2014). "A Neo-Weberian Review of The Criminal Courts: How The Bureaucratic State Creates Injustice," Scholastic Inquiry's Journal of Behavioral Sciences (accepted for fall 2014)
  • Smith, S. (2015) "Towards a Conceptual Model Describing The Relationship Between Structure and Behavior: An Exploration in Synthesizing Weberian and Jurisprudence with Legal Practice to Determine the Role of Size in Judicial Performance," Law and Society Review (Under Review)

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