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Song Gao

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Song Gao takes an interdisciplinary approach to studying the characteristics and mechanisms of pollution in the atmosphere and hydrosphere. He also takes a keen interest in formulating science-based policies with regard to climate change and new energy utilization. He has published articles in the fields of aerosol chemistry, urban air pollution, biomass burning, ground water remediation and climate mitigation strategies. At Stetson, he intends to continue studying environmental issues through teaching, research and student mentoring.

Gao obtained his Ph.D. degree in analytical/environmental chemistry from the University of Washington. He then did postdoctoral research at Cal Tech, studying the molecular identities and formation mechanisms of atmospheric aerosols. He has since served on faculty at several academic institutions, enjoying the interactions with students in classes, research projects and field trips. He is currently an associate editor for the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences (Springer). While not in the classroom or the lab, Gao enjoys music (classical and jazz, in particular), hiking and spending time with family and friends.


  • Ph.D., analytical/environmental chemistry, University of Washington
  • B.S., chemistry, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei China

Course Topics

  • Alternative Energy Choices
  • General Chemistry
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Chemistry Senior Research

Research Interests

  • Atmospheric chemistry (aerosol and gas-phase)
  • Short-lived climate pollutants and climate mitigation
  • Urban air pollution
  • Water pollution and remediation
  • Science-based environmental policy


  • "Online Single Particle Analysis of Chemical Composition and Mixing State of Crop Straw Burning Particles: from Laboratory Study to Field Measurement", Juntao Huo, X. Lu, X. Wang, H. Chen, X. Ye, S. Gao, D. S. Gross, J. Chen, X. Yang, Frontiers of Environmental Science and Engineering (Springer) 2016. DOI: 10.1007/s11783-015-0768-z
  • "Managing Short-Lived Climate Forcers in Curbing Climate Change: An Atmospheric Chemistry Synopsis", S. Gao, J. Environ. Stu. Sci. (Springer) 2015.DOI: 10.1007/s13412-014-0207-7
  • "Characterization aerosol optical properties, chemical composition and mixing states in the winter season in Shanghai, China", Y. Tang, Y. Huang, L. Li, H. Chen, J. Chen, X. Yang, S. Gao, D. Gross, J. Environ. Sciences (Elsevier) 2014.
  • "A review on the importance of metals and metalloids in atmospheric dust and aerosol from mining operations", S. Gao with J. Csavina et al. Science of the Total Environment, 433, 58-73, 2012.
  • "Evolution of the mixing state of fine aerosols during haze events in Shanghai", S. Gao, with F. Yang et al., Atmospheric Research, 2012, DOI: 10.1016/j.atmosres.2011.10.005.
  • "Evidence for High Molecular Weight Nitrogen-Containing Organic Salts in Urban Aerosols", XF Wang, S Gao, X Yang, H Chen, JM Chen, GS Zhuang, JD Surratt, JH Seinfeld, Environmental Science & Technology 44(12), 4441-4446, 2010.
  • "Water-soluble SOA from Alkene ozonolysis: composition and droplet activation kinetics inferences from analysis of CCN activity", A. Asa-Awuku, A. Nenes, S. Gao, R. C. Flagan, J. H. Seinfeld, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 10(4), 1585 - 1597, 2010.
  • "Thermocatalytic destruction of gas-phase perchloroethylene using propane as a hydrogen source", Willinger, M., E. Rupp, B. Barbaris, S. Gao, R. Arnold, E. Betterton, and A. Eduardo Saez, J. Hazardous Materials, 167 (1-3), 770 - 776, 2009.
  • "Mixed Redox Catalytic Destruction of Chlorinated Solvents in Soils and Groundwater: From the Laboratory to! the Field", Gao, S. et al., Annals of New York Academy of Sciences, 1140, 435 - 445, 2008.
  • "Characterization of polar organic components in fine aerosols in the Southeastern United States", Gao, S., J. Surratt, E. Knipping, E. Edgerton, M. Shahgholi and J. H. Seinfeld, J. Geophys. Res. , 111 (D14): Art. No. D14314, 2006.


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