Routa Kroumovitch

Professor of Music, Violin

Routa Kroumovitch was born in Riga, Latvia. She began playing the piano at age four and the violin at age six, in the prestigious Music Academy of the Latvian Conservatory, with teacher Anete Zvaigzne.

Referred to as one of the best violinists of her generation, Kroumovitch participated in numerous concert tours and recorded on radio and television throughout the former USSR, in cities such as Leningrad, Vilnius, Tallin and Moscow. In 1971, she was chosen to represent Latvia in a special concert at the Kremlin in Moscow.

Shortly afterwards, Kroumovitch attended master classes and had private lessons with Galina Barinova and Leonid Kogan in Moscow. She was not only accepted as a scholarship student in the Moscow Conservatory, but also, after auditioning for David Oistrach, was fortunate to learn under his direct guidance prior to his death in 1974. Of her, Oistrach said, "Kroumovitch is a violinist of exceptional talent with an expressive, rich sound and brilliant technique." Later, after emigrating to Chile, South America, she completed all of her studies with honors at the Universidad de Chile.

While in Chile, Kroumovitch held positions such as first violin of the Santiago Chamber Orchestra, concertmistress of the Chilean Philharmonic Orchestra and concertmistress of the Chilean Symphony Orchestra. She also received the Critic's Award for the best solo performance in Santiago, Chile, and a Fulbright Award. Furthermore, during her years in Chile, she toured all over the world as a soloist and in duo with her husband, Chilean violinist Alvaro Gomez. Thus, Kroumovitch has become internationally hailed for her "virtuoso brilliance" (Cambera, Australia), "clear sensitive tone" (Jerusalem Post) and "exquisite beauty of sound" (Straits Times, Singapore). Her solo performances appear in Asian, South American, European and North American radio, television and live video recordings.

In 1987, Kroumovitch and her family emigrated to the United States. After teaching various master classes in the New England area, she became the first violin of the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra and taught at the University of Central Arkansas. In 1989, Kroumovitch became a professor of violin, viola and chamber music at Stetson University's School of Music, where she teaches today.

Apart from being a Stetson University faculty member, Kroumovitch tours all over the United States, Canada, Europe and South America, and her master classes in Australia, China, Korea, Japan, Israel and Europe are in high demand. She represents the United States as a judge in international violin competitions, and she has been the concertmistress of the Brevard Symphony Orchestra, is the Bach Festival Orchestra concertmaster in Orlando, and is a regular guest in festivals such as Grand Tetons, the Florida International Festival and Frutillar Music Festival in Chile.

Kroumovitch has been a soloist with the following conductors: V. Tevah (Chile), J.C. Santos (Peru), W. Torkanowsky (U.S.), S. Bedford (UK), L. Halaz (U.S.), R. Henderson (U.S.), M. Benzecry (Argentina), U. Mayer (Canada), T. Sleeper (U.S.), Tovi Lifsics (Latvia), Kypros Markus (Greece), and J. Sinclaire (U.S.).

During the summers, Kroumovitch teaches at the Schlern International Music Festival (Italy) and the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival (Alaska).


  • Licenciado en Interpretación Superior con mención en Violín, Universidad de Chile

Course Topics

  • Music for Majors - Violin
  • Music for Non-Majors - Violin
  • Violin Pedagogy
  • Orchestra Excerpts - Violin
  • Chamber Music Ensembles
  • Chamber Music Literature
  • Symphony Music Literature

Routa Kroumovitch

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