Rob Brame

Adjunct Professor of Music Technology

With a passion for music that oftentimes is rivaled only by his passion for technology, Rob Brame found in music technology the creative outlet that allowed him to fully express himself. With nearly twenty years of experience playing guitar, bass, upright bass and occasionally drums in various settings -- concerts, festivals, showcases, benefits, gigs and paid sessions -- he has made his art an applied skill. He has played in rock, country, jazz, R&B, fusion and blues bands, and everything in between. His gigging experiences range from playing in front of five to 15,000 people, and he feels comfortable and at home in either venue. Brame's teaching experience goes back nearly as long in both one-on-one and group instruction in music and technology separately.

Recording is an integral part of music technology and is one of his focus areas. He has recorded original and cover pieces, karaoke tracks, voice-overs and background music. He has written and recorded the music for several published commercials, and soundtracks for some small plays and independent films. With extensive experience in studio art, graphic and web design, a comprehensive knowledge of programming, database design and network administration, Brame has an unusual set of skills that allows him to see a much broader picture of the landscape of current technology and the place that music occupies within it. He has implemented additional tools such as MIDI stage controls for lighting and special effects, and other technologies such as audio/video production for enhanced user experiences. It is these skills and experiences combined with an insatiable appetite for pushing the envelope that allows Brame to be such an excited and motivating instructor.

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