John Tichenor

Associate Professor of Decision Information Science

John Tichenor is a faculty member in the Department of Business Systems and Analytics in the School of Business Administration. He teaches a wide variety of courses at Stetson, including business statistics, business thesis, a first-year seminar on innovation and creativity and a junior seminar on corporate social responsibility. Before coming to Stetson in 1996, John worked in applied social research settings for the East Carolina University School of Medicine, the State of Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration, the Vanderbilt University Institute for Public Policy Studies and the Florida Office of Comprehensive Health Planning. John has worn many Stetson hats over seventeen years, teaching statistics courses, serving as director of institutional research and university registrar. John is also an avid drummer in local jazz and rock bands (you can currently hear him in the DaVinci Jazz Experiment). His academic background includes a B.A. and a M.A. from Baylor University and Ph.D. in sociology from Florida State University. John and his family enjoy traveling and often participate in Stetson's study abroad program in Innsbruck, Austria.


  • Ph.D., sociology, Florida State University
  • M.A., sociology, Baylor University
  • B.A., sociology, Baylor University

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Business Statistics
  • Business Statistics
  • Business Thesis
  • First Year Seminar - Life at the Intersection: Examining the Collision of Ideas, Innovation and Culture
  • Junior Seminar - Social Justice and the Bottom Line
  • Transitions: Self Ownership and Direction

Research Interests

  • Business statistics
  • Pedagogy
  • Assessment of learning in higher education
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Innovation and change


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John Tichenor

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