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Jae-Mahn Shim

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Jae-Mahn Shim is an assistant professor of sociology. Trained as an organizational and institutional sociologist, he is interested in the ways in which individuals and groups organize diverse and often conflicting cultures, organizational rules, institutional scripts and identities. His dissertation addresses this question in the empirical setting of medicine where complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) coexists with biomedicine. It proposes a new theory of diverse cultural and institutional logics that conceptualizes the diversity as maneuverability of dual implications for actors. For the coming years, he plans to theorize the different manners in which social actors organize plural and diverse logics of action, by examining the varying experiences of the coexistence of biomedicine and CAM in East Asian countries. He fervidly brings the research interests into the classroom with an overarching sociological question to all students: How are the social and the global working amid diversity and with what consequences?


  • Ph.D., sociology, University of Chicago
  • M.A., sociology, University of Chicago
  • M.A., community planning, National University, Seoul, Korea
  • B.A., sociology, National University, Seoul, Korea

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Medicine and Health in Society
  • Social Research Methods
  • Tools for Quantitative Analysis

Research Interests

  • Organizations and institutions
  • Medicine and health
  • Development and inequality
  • Social statistics
  • Quantitative cross-national analysis
  • Comparative/historical analysis
  • Content analysis
  • Meta-Analysis of Knowledge


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  • Lee, Cheol-Sung, Young-Bum Kim and Jae-Mahn Shim. 2011. "The Limit of Equality Projects: Public Sector Expansion, Sectoral Conflicts, and Income Inequality in Post-Industrial Economies." American Sociological Review 76 (1): 100-124.
  • Shim, Jae-Mahn, Eunjung Shin, and Timothy P. Johnson. 2013. "Self-Rated Health Assessed by Web vs. Mail Modes in a Mixed Mode Survey: the Digital Divide Effect and the Genuine Survey Mode Effect." Medical Care 51 (9): 774-781. PMID 23774510.
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  • Hong, In-Ok, Won-Seok Nam and Jae-Mahn Shim. 2002. "Hope for Declining Communities: New Deal for Communities." Korea Center for City and Environment Research. Urbanity and Poverty 58: 93-115. (in Korean)

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