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David Stock

Professor of Biology

As a young student in college, David Stock became interested in birds and inheritance patterns. He decided to combine these interests by studying forest genetics. After obtaining his Ph.D., he found that conditions were not favorable in forest genetics and so, after receiving an invitation to accept a postdoctoral fellowship in microbial genetics at a medical school, he accepted and shifted in the direction of medical microbiology. After completing two postdoctoral fellowships in microbiology, he came to Stetson University's biology department to teach, in part because of his diverse background. Stock has taught many different biology classes in the many years he's been at Stetson University and has initiated several courses, including ornithology, immunology-hematology and molecular biology. He's also been able to follow his passion with birds in a most favorable area of the U.S.: Florida.


  • Ph.D., forestry and genetics, North Carolina State University
  • M.S., forestry and genetics, North Carolina State University
  • B.S., forestry, Michigan State University

Course Topics

  • Introductory Biology labs
  • Microbiology
  • Genetics
  • Immunology and Hematology

Research Interests

  • Nucleic acid and nucleotide metabolism in mycoplasma
  • Nucleotide metabolism and mitosis in yeast
  • Repair of UV damage to DNA of photosynthetic organsims
  • Toxin production by cynaobacteria and its impact on the flora and fauna of central Florida lakes
  • Breeding birds of Florida


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Faculty Expert

  • Birds of Florida, particularly breeding birds
  • Microorganisms and their effects in human environments
  • Genetics
  • Immunology

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