Benjamin Goss

Associate Professor of Marketing

Benjamin Goss, Ed.D., serves as associate professor in Stetson University's sport business program, which is housed within the Department of Marketing. He credits the following quote for the development of his teaching philosophy: "It is better to know than to have, but it is better to understand than to know." A native of Natchez, Miss., he credits his parents and grandparents as his lifelong inspirations and considers John Paul Muczko to be his professional mentor.

Goss has received the 40 Under 40 Outstanding Business Leader Award from the Springfield Business Journal, The International Society for Business Disciplines Teaching Excellence Award and the Dean's Distinguished Research Fellow Award. In addition, his research has garnered six awards.

Goss co-founded the Journal of Sport Administration and Supervision, which was later absorbed by Sagamore Publishing and rebranded as the Journal of Applied Sport Management. He has consulted across the sport industry on projects for intercollegiate athletic properties, the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration and an economic development report for the Manning Passing Academy, the Thibodaux/Houma Bayou Region of Louisiana and the State of Louisiana.

An avid writer, Goss was selected to serve as a guest editor on the J.W. Wiley and Sons book Zebras and Cheetahs.


  • Ed.D., The University of Southern Mississippi
  • M.S., Louisiana Tech University
  • B.S., Louisiana Tech University

Course Topics

  • Sport Event Management
  • Contemporary Sport Media
  • Sport Properties & Sponsorships

Research Interests

  • Empowerment of postmodern sports fans
  • Breakdown of the invisible wall between the fans and the games
  • Evolution of sport business practices
  • Effective game attendance promotions
  • China as an emerging sport marketplace


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Benjamin Goss

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