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Promotion and Tenure

2014-2015 Dates

2015-2016 Dates



The revised Portfolio Checklist, effective for the 2014-15 Tenure and Promotion review, is used for pre-tenure reviews, reviews for tenure and/or promotion to associate professor, and reviews for promotion to professor.

Promotion/Tenure Rubrics

Note: These rubrics provide a quick reference and overview. Faculty should not rely exclusively on these documents, as they cannot substitute for a careful study of the actual policy. The policy itself, if different from these overviews, takes precedence.

Disciplinary Articulations of the Tenure and Promotion Standards for Scholarship

(Approved by the Provost, October 2011)

College of Arts and Sciences

Education Division

Humanities/Art Division

Natural Science Division

Social Science Division

duPont-Ball Library

School of Business Administration

School of Music

Disciplinary Interpretations of the Tenure and Promotion Standards for Scholarship

Sample disciplinary standards documents are available upon request.

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