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About the Center for Community Engagement

The Center for Community Engagement (C.C.E.) is the hub for community engagement at Stetson University. The C.C.E. is located across the street from the Hollis Center in between the Cross Cultural Center and the Counseling Center. The C.C.E. houses three professional staff members and five work study staff members.


The mission of the Center for Community Engagement is to develop, implement and promote lifelong commitments to social responsibility that embrace volunteerism and encourage service learning.


Stetson University prides itself on its commitment to its values. Because of our commitment to social responsibility, our students, faculty and staff have the ability to directly engage in activities that foster all of our values and improve the campus, the community and the world. The C.C.E. focuses on curricular support through service learning, co-curricular programming, student leadership and development, staff participation, volunteer placement, and community service specialty housing for students. The C.C.E. serves as a vehicle through which to implement our values and commitments, as well as to meet the interests and needs of individuals and organizations.


Resources for Students

  • Connects students with community partners and volunteer opportunities
  • Supports student service organizations with whatever needs they might have
  • Provides students with a list of service learning courses
  • Offers a fall and spring alternative break for any students interested
  • Offers service scholarship opportunities and service awards

Resources for Community Partners

Resources for Faculty and Staff

  • Connects faculty and staff with community partners and volunteer opportunities
  • Supports Stetson University academic departments and administrative offices with community service projects
  • Presents workshops on how to become engaged in the DeLand community
  • Has chaperone positions for fall and spring alternative break for interested staff members
  • Offers service awards to faculty and staff committed to community engagement
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