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Theatre Arts

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Fast Facts

Faculty: 3

Available for: Major, Minor

Emphasis Within the Major: tailored to student interest

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This program provides plentiful opportunities for all students to participate in productions.

At Stetson University, theatre is a liberal art that prepares students for life beyond college, whether in graduate study, professional activity or a career path outside the theatre. For those whose career plans include teaching drama, Stetson University offers teacher training through a cooperative program with the Department of Education.

Through hands-on learning, not only do students learn about theatre, they also learn other things while participating in theatre. This training for the real world includes developing such universal skills as working under the pressures of competition and deadlines, creative problem solving, teamwork and self-expression.

Theatre arts classes cover a broad spectrum. By choosing course offerings in the department, students can tailor their course of study to fit their interests and needs, within the guidelines established by the College of Arts and Sciences. From the very first day of the very first class, the faculty wholeheartedly supports students' goals. They stress learning by doing, and ask students to carry out projects with real-world applications.

A Distinctive Program

This program is an integral part of the Department of Creative Arts, which brings together faculty and students engaged in the study and practice of creative pursuits. See relevant sections of the Stetson University Catalog and this website to learn more about the department's other programs in art, art history, digital arts and humanities.

Academics and Research

Independent Research

Students' course of study includes a senior project that serves as a capstone that addresses their individual career goals.

Facilities and Opportunities

Stetson University partners with the Museum of Florida Art, where the program's classes and performances have moved into the theatre space at the museum, which is directly adjacent to campus. The program makes use of the facility's 8,700-square-foot main theatre, box office, back stage/scene shop, green room, makeup room and upstairs areas that include space for teaching and storage and provide access to control booths.

The theatre arts program emphasizes one-on-one faculty mentoring and provides plentiful opportunities for all students to participate in productions. To further enhance the learning experience, the theatre arts program strongly supports students' development of relationships with outside arts organizations.

Awards and Recognition

Distinguished Faculty

Excellence in teaching and a focus on student development are hallmarks of Stetson University and of this program. Highly professional and dedicated to their programs, faculty members take a personal interest in their students and their progress. They stay in touch with their field through research and/or performing. Our faculty includes:

  • Krista Franco, M.F.A., Florida State University; stagecraft, set design, lighting design
  • Kenneth W. McCoy, Ph.D., Bowling Green State University; Latin American theatre (website)
  • Julia Ann Schmitt, Ph.D., Bowling Green State University; theatre theory/history, performance studies

Grant-Funded Research

Students are encouraged to take part in the Stetson Undergraduate Research Experience, an annual university-wide competition in which grants are awarded to work with a faculty mentor on a summer research project.

Courses and Curriculum

» View the Stetson University Course Catalog for more information on the curriculum and courses for this academic program.

Beyond the Classroom


Outside the classroom, the theatre arts program helps translate theory into action through performance. We are dedicated to providing a well-rounded approach to the study and practice of theatre, striking a balance between study and application, between academic and professional opportunities, between performance and technology— with all students collaborating on an equal footing, whether as actors, technicians, designers or directors.


Theatre arts students are encouraged to seek professional work during the summer through regional auditions as well as local contacts.

After Stetson

Learning and doing theatre within a liberal arts environment helps students develop a well-informed world view that has a profound influence on their life and contributes to abilities to pursue varied future goals. Our graduates are drama teachers, directors, actors, playwrights, directors of entertainment, technicians and more.