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Fast Facts

Faculty: 9

Available for: Major, Minor

Emphasis Within the Major: pure, applied-actuarial, financial mathematics

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This program's concentration in actuarial and financial mathematics is rare at the undergraduate level.

Mathematics is an intellectually vital and beautiful field of study, one which has a history of four millennia but in which new discoveries are regularly made. A Stetson University bachelor's degree in mathematics, combined with a broad-based education, will offer a valuable edge - the ability to think clearly, to solve problems, to make decisions and to communicate effectively.

Students who major in mathematics can, in coordination with their advisors, construct tracks of study which lead to a variety of careers and graduate school opportunities in pure and applied mathematics and education. The department offers a formal concentration in actuarial and financial mathematics. Other interdisciplinary applications include the combination of mathematics with biology, physics, economics and many other sciences. Classes are small, and extensive computer use provides students with hands-on experience.

We seek to develop students' abilities to think precisely and creatively about a variety of problems, to write and speak clearly and persuasively about these ideas, and to be aware of the intellectual power and significance of mathematical thought and computing in today's technological society. Through a combination of individual attention, group collaboration and senior research projects, students are encouraged to become life-long learners, and to apply their knowledge and skills to improve the world in which they find themselves.

A Distinctive Program

The program is small and the community is close and supportive. The concentration in actuarial and financial mathematics is rare at the undergraduate level and prepares students for a rewarding career as an actuary or for strong candidacy into graduate programs in financial math. Our graduates are very successful regardless of what they choose to do.

Academics and Research

Independent Research

Mathematics majors complete a year-long senior research project by choosing a topic of interest and conducting original mathematical research. Mathematics majors regularly present their work at conferences and at Stetson University's undergraduate scholarship and performance day, the Stetson Showcase.

Facilities and Opportunities

Stetson University's math club, QED, is a student-run math club that also functions as the student chapter of the Mathematical Association of America (M.A.A.). In addition to sponsoring special events like guest speakers and celebrating Pi Day on March 14, the club has a puzzle-solving group and provides tutoring.

Preparation for Graduate Study

Our students are well-prepared for advance-level studies.

Awards and Recognition

Distinguished Faculty

Stetson University mathematics faculty members work in a wide variety of pure and applied areas. Faculty members include:

  • Lisa Coulter, Ph.D., Courant Institute, New York University; numerical analysis, mathematical modeling
  • Joshua Eckroth, Ph.D., The Ohio State University; big data mining and analytics, artificial intelligence
  • Heather Edwards, Ph.D., University of Central Florida, mathematics pedagogy
  • Hala El-Aarag, Ph.D., University of Central Florida; computer networks, operating systems, modeling and simulation, performance evaluation (website)
  • Erich Friedman, Ph.D., Cornell University; probability, packing and tiling, combinatorial geometry, game theory
  • William Miles, Ph.D., Clemson University; computational analysis, finite element method, interface tracking, fluid dynamics
  • Daniel Plante, Ph.D., University of Notre Dame; web application development, security, software development
  • Hari Pulapaka, Ph.D., University of Florida; graph theory, combinatorics, number theory
  • Thomas Vogel, Ph.D., University of Central Florida; nonlinear waves, differential equations, dynamical systems, mathematical physics

Grant-Funded Research

Students are encouraged to take part in the Stetson Undergraduate Research Experience. Each year undergraduate scholars are selected in a university-wide competition for grants to work with a faculty mentor on a summer research project.

Undergraduate Awards and Honors

The Ashcraft Award is a cash prize that honors two outstanding juniors in the mathematics department.

Courses and Curriculum

» View the Stetson University Course Catalog for more information on the curriculum and courses for this academic program.

Beyond the Classroom


Our students have been active in several summer internships and Research Experiences for Undergraduates programs.

After Stetson

Diverse Careers

A variety of opportunities is open to mathematics majors upon graduation. Many earn advanced degrees in mathematics, engineering and related fields. Others go to medical or law school, and some go directly to work in diverse areas. Some graduates are working in business, government, universities and public schools.

Careers for mathematics majors include statistics, actuarial science, operations research, consulting and cryptology. Recent alumni have studied at Boston University, Cornell University, Emory University, Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Michigan, among others. Alumni work at Cordis Corp., GE MoneyClient Marketing, Westat and NSA, among others.