M.Ed. Educating for Social Justice

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Help children develop their voices to inspire change in the world.

Educating for social justice encompasses helping children who are often overlooked to develop a voice and have opportunities that were once unavailable by opening minds and fostering creativity to conquer ignorance and intolerance.

Program Overview

Stetson University's Master’s Degree in Educating for Social Justice encourages teacher-scholars to actively develop reflective decision-making skills. With the support of faculty, you will gain innovative teaching methods and enter leadership positions that enact system-wide changes in education. Whether you decide to stay in the classroom or move into a leadership role, you will be prepared to make the necessary changes to close the growing opportunity gap.

Our program is a 36-credit, 23-month advanced degree program designed to fit practicing teachers’ professional and family obligations. Candidates will go through the program in cohorts starting in June after post-planning. Cohorts begin every two years, and you can choose a research concentration in either elementary or secondary education.


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Our challenging curriculum will provide you with the advanced knowledge necessary to excel in an academic environment as a leader for social change and will open the doors you seek to a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Social Justice Facts

There are plenty of facts to consider when looking at our program:

  • 22% of children in the US live in families that are considered officially poor.
  • Child poverty rates are highest among African-American, Latino and American Indian children.
  • It is estimated that 4.4 million students speak English as a second language.
  • In recent years, children served in special education programs have increased from 8.3% of the school population to 13.8%.


Our leading faculty members of the Department of Education are highly regarded among Stetson University students and graduates alike.

The faculty consists of dynamic teacher-scholars with a proven track record of innovative teaching and leadership in K-12 education. Faculty in the Department of Education are broadly experienced with a scholarly focus on the program’s unique emphasis on preparing teachers and leaders in the critical dimensions of class, gender and culture.

Career Significance

Earning a master’s degree can lead to additional compensation and increased employment opportunities. This master’s program will help you establish yourself as an expert teacher, which will impact the lives of the children you teach.

Following graduation from the program, graduates

  • improve the culture and climate of those they teach.
  • make an impact of learning in grades K-12.
  • are recognized as leading teachers in the field.
  • work at the district level to improve the quality of education and practice.
  • go on to doctoral programs in education or as advocates for the voices of children.
  • encourage educational reform both locally and globally.