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Global Development is an interdisciplinary major program that investigates the causes, consequences, and the possible solutions to underdevelopment and poverty that is evident in the developing countries of the world. It employs an integrated set of theoretical perspectives from Economics, Political Science, Sociology and Anthropology, and other disciplines to study the underpinnings of global development and sustainability. A major in Global Development prepares impassioned and innovative students to transcend national boundaries in tackling the complex issues of a globalizing economy and thereby become game-changers in global development. They consider a variety of local perspectives to understand development within socio-economic and political contexts, and wrestle with questions on how to make development work. Their aim is to create opportunity for future generations to increase their well-being without harm to others and the planet. These resolute students typically work in the context of the developing world, either on-site or through their analytical lenses.

A Distinctive Program

The period 1995-2015 has been marked by unprecedented global prosperity but, paradoxically, coupled by economic inequality, poverty, social injustice, and human rights violations. In addition, while some societies have surged ahead economically, others, mostly in the developing world, have become even more impoverished.

Until recently, studies focusing on this conundrum assumed a modernist philosophy, claiming that if poorer countries imprinted upon the developed world, they would overcome their blight and thrive. However, with the disparity between developed and less developed countries increasing, scholars and policy-makers have shifted their focus from the adoption model to one that critically evaluates the complex processes of social transformation within and across societies. With this mode of inquiry, a new interdisciplinary program in global development has emerged, transcending the confines of traditional academic disciplines.

Distinguished Faculty

Alan Green, Ph.D., Cornell University; applied economics and management

Courses and Curriculum

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After Stetson

Diverse Careers

Students interested in Global Economic Development see themselves carrying their intellectual interests and passion beyond their undergraduate years, working on the central social, economic and political issues of their times in a variety of institutional settings, in government agencies, the nonprofit sector, and private enterprise. Often they work in developing countries.