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Prince Entrepreneurship Program

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Fast Facts

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At Stetson University, entrepreneurship isn't just about starting businesses. It's a way of thinking. It's about pro-activity to initiate change; it's about making money - but also doing good; it's about solving customer problems or societal ills. It encompasses the for-profit and not-for-profit segments. It's about careful analysis and calculated risk-taking, discipline and perseverance, creativity and network building. It's about winning the trust of all the stakeholders you will need to be successful. It's about looking into the future and imagining what could be...

Special Features

The School of Business Administration, through the Joseph C. Prince Entrepreneurship Program, offers an entrepreneurship minor open to all undergraduate majors. The minor prepares students to develop business ideas, formulate business plans, evaluate firms for investment potential and manage ongoing start-up enterprises.

Course Information

Stetson University's Prince Entrepreneurship Program is an endowed initiative that seeks to develop the next generation of successful entrepreneurs. Housed in the management department, it consists of four courses which can be taken individually, as part of the management major or packaged to create a minor. Visit the university catalog website to learn more about the requirements and courses offered for the entrepreneurship minor.

Internship Opportunities

Students can intern with entrepreneurial companies through the normal internship process in the School of Business Administration.

Career Opportunities

Participants in the program have started an IT consulting firm, a mobile app company, a web design firm and a number of firms in the retail and construction segments. Other graduates have taken jobs more closely related to their majors, with the intent of gaining industry experience before starting their own company.

Alumni Highlights

A number of program participants have launched their own business or have gone to work in their family's business. Most take the perspectives they learned to their first job as employees of larger firms. Firms prefer employees who think like an entrepreneur-owner!

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Scholarships funded by the program's benefactor, Mr. Tom Prince, are available to juniors and seniors who demonstrate outstanding aptitude for entrepreneurship through their engagement in the courses and through their extracurricular entrepreneurial ventures.

Department Awards

The Prince Entrepreneurship Program at Stetson University offers one award and two scholarships, including the Daryle V. Scott Award, that can be presented to upperclassmen who have participated in the program and meet other criteria.