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Available for: Major, Minor

Emphasis Within the Major
Art, sound, computer science

Popular Second Majors
Computer Science

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This major encourages students to explore new ways of using the computer as an expressive tool.

The digital arts major offers coursework on a range of topics including image manipulation, music production, video, interactivity and 3D animation. Students are encouraged to explore all these areas while they develop a primary set of skills in one of three tracks: art, sound or computer science. This interdisciplinary major involves faculty from the departments of art and computer science and the School of Music, and enriches the curriculum offerings of these contributing disciplines. Students with majors in these departments should consider the digital arts minor as a way to investigate the creative applications of digital technology. Because these artistic skills can also be used to interpret ideas or explain concepts, the digital arts minor is also well-suited for majors in the natural sciences, psychology, sociology, literature and other disciplines. The program fosters collaboration and hybrid forms that combine visual art, music composition and programming to stretch the boundaries of artistic practice. Students explore the powerful interrelationships among these disciplines in contemporary creative work. Techniques are largely taught through direct application to projects that are designed and executed by the students.

A Distinctive Program

All courses feature hands-on projects, giving students ample opportunity to practice their art and build their portfolios. Projects are often refined through multiple revisions and receive critiques from faculty and peers in an effort to produce work of the highest quality. Students are challenged to both understand and articulate the reasons behind their aesthetic decisions through written summaries and oral presentations of their work.

The curriculum also places a heavy emphasis on experimentation, pushing students to imagine new ways of using the computer as an expressive tool. This is evident in the program's resident new media collective, Mobile Performance Group, where faculty and advanced students work together to present unique art experiences outside of traditional venues. It is also apparent in the videos showcased at our annual Festival of the Moving Image or the projects our seniors display at the annual thesis exhibition.

Academics and Research

Facilities and Opportunities

The digital arts lab is equipped with 20 Apple Mac Pro workstations running professional software for students to complete multimedia projects, including ProTools, Max/MSP/Jitter, Final Cut Studio and Adobe Creative Suite.

Students take advantage of student residencies and internships with companies in central Florida's growing digital media industry and world-famous tourism industry. Our relationship with the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach allows us to host many of its renowned master-artists-in-residence, including visual artists and musicians, giving students frequent opportunities for creative contacts.

Courses and Curriculum

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Awards and Recognition

Distinguished Faculty

Faculty include:

Beyond the Classroom


Our students have interned at GeniusDV, Phat Planet studios, Sentinel Communications, Southeast Museum of Photography and Walt Disney World.

After Stetson

Diverse Careers

Digital arts prepares students for careers as professional artists, performers and programmers working with new media. Many of our graduates are successful artists, entrepreneurs and educators. Recent alumni have studied at the University of Virginia (M.M. in composition and computer technologies) and Rhode Island School of Design (M.F.A.). Sample Logic LLC, Infinity Box Inc. and Particletree Inc. were founded by our alumni. Another of our alumni is an award-winning composer for video games and film whose credits include God of War I and II and six feature films.