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Business Law

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Fast Facts

Faculty: 2

Available for: Minor

The business law minor prepares students for law school and helps students appreciate the necessity of understanding law in a business environment.

Law plays a role in our everyday lives. You don't have to be in a courtroom to see it in action. It's at work when you sign a contract on a car or a house. It can also play a role in the business world, whether you're managing a personal business or working with corporate counsel. While the business law minor is not designed to make you a lawyer, it will help you recognize legal issues and responsibilities and make you more comfortable in a legal environment.

Many of our business law minors are considering law school. Throughout your courses, you will learn skills that will help you succeed in law school such as critical thinking, public speaking and analytical writing. Business law gives students a better understanding about what law school and being a lawyer is really like.

The minor is also designed for students who are not interested in law school but want to understand the legal aspects of their selected fields, such as the music major interested in independent contracting or the marketing major wanting a better understanding of contracts and sales. All these students are looking to learn about their basic legal rights in any business or non-business situation. Business law stresses skills such as critical and analytical thinking (including case analysis), speaking (both in prepared presentations and "on your feet") and writing. Students learn how to study a complex set of facts, analyze the issues and argue both sides of an issue. Our courses address subjects like contracts, sales, promissory notes, real estate, corporations, bailment, bankruptcy, white-collar crime, environment and ethics.

A Distinctive Program

The business law minor provides a capstone course designed to help students determine whether they want to go to law school. This course mirrors a first-year law class and includes first-year law text, law tests and classroom procedures such as briefing cases and facts, issuing decisions and examining the rule of law.

Academics and Research

Facilities and Opportunities

The Stetson M. E. Rinker, Sr. Institute of Tax and Accountancy (Department of Accounting) administers the business law minor. Any student can choose to pursue the minor, which offers students the opportunity to meet practicing attorneys and judges throughout their coursework.

Awards and Recognition

Distinguished Faculty

Faculty include:

  • Richard Copeland, LL.M., tax, J.D., University of Miami; University of Florida; legal issues, accounting issues, succession, estate planning
  • Elizabeth Galloway, J.D., Duke University; legal concepts of sports business

Undergraduate Awards and Honors

The department awards the Stetson Business School Foundation Inc. Merit Award for Business Law.

After Stetson

Diverse Careers

The business law minor prepares students for law school and helps students appreciate the necessity of understanding law in a business environment. Alumni have gone on to work as attorneys and serve as judges across Florida.